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[hand.right] OpenCV 2.4.3 on RedHawk Linux (PDF)

We integrated OpenCV 2.4.3, the AVAL DATA Camera Link Card, and the Intarface NTSC capture card on RedHawk Linux.
A video viewing is possible to a concurrent at a VGA (640x480x32bits) non compressive.
Moreover, CUDA is also an Enabled in OpenCV.

[../../images/hand.right] "Intel e1000e Linux Driver Special characteristic of an InterruptThrottleRate Parameter" (PDF)

The parameter of 10 exists and it is known for the e1000e device driver (1.2.7. k2.0) used by RedHawk 6.0 (kernel that a performance will change. In this paper, I clarify the special characteristic of the InterruptThrottleRate parameter (I call the following ITR) which restricts the interrupt Numbers of the second bits which I generate by a receiving packet. From the exam result, it became clear in the real-time use that setting to ITR=0 was desirable.

[../../images/hand.right] "A report of GDP VSIPL using CUDA" (PDF)

After Version 5.4 of RedHawk, CUDA of NVIDIA is installed as standard. This time, easy evaluation of VSIPL using this CUDA is reported. In this report, on the same board, when Xorg and CUDA were run, the size of the jitter to generate was measured. And installation of two NVIDIA boards checked becoming environment without a jitter.

[../../images/hand.right] "The high resolution continuation frequency-analysis demo program by RedHawk Realtime Linux and CUDA" (HTML)

The following screens are screens of the continuation frequency-analysis program which created high-speed AD of Spectrum by GPU-VSIPL considered as an input. (It has converted into motion GIF) The input of AD performs continuation inclusion by 14 bits/50 MHz, performs 1M point FFT to all the data, and is performing the all-points peak search of frequency. Since the sweep of the square wave is made into the input signal, it can see that spurious appeared in the fixed multiple of the maximum and frequency has appeared by return.

[../../images/hand.right] "A design and evaluation of Two-way Request Latency Test Program" (PDF)

This paper describes the design of Two-way Request Latency Test Program which evaluates real-time OS synthetically

[../../images/hand.right] "RedHawk Support Intel Network Card Lists(e1000e,igb,ixgbe,i40e)" (HTML)